What Makes Our Law Firm Different

What makes our law firm different? The Workers Comp attorneys at Thomas & Thomas Law believe an attorney should be the “captain of the ship” from the beginning of when a case sets sail until the case resolves, successfully docking in the harbor. The reality is any case represents the lives and concerns of those who must resort to legal action to ensure their interests are protected. That means for effective representation attorneys must recognize their clients are depending upon them to safeguard their rights, while being captain of the ship means fighting to protect those interests and making any client concerns a priority.

Some larger firms have forgotten this basic principle and operate by taking in an unreasonable volume of cases, essentially operating as a “mill,” i.e., investing as little time and resources into a case as is possible, disposing of it, and moving onto the next. Also, in some larger firms, the vast majority of case development is performed by legal staff, who are not attorneys, which raises the question of who exactly is making big decisions in the case. Under this model of legal representation, the attorney only takes command once a case is “packaged” to go to a hearing or the question of settlement has been raised. Ultimately, clients may become stuck with an attorney who does not truly understand them or the details of their case. The details, however, often make all the difference when fighting to prevail on your claim or in negotiating the maximum settlement value possible.

At Thomas and Thomas Law, however, competent and experienced attorneys are at the helm the entire time. We place the interests of our clients first and strive to carefully explain the risks and benefits of each significant decision so our clients can make good informed decisions. Furthermore, we invest as much time or resources as we believe are required to successfully resolve a case, regardless of the size. While we value our experienced legal staff, who work incredibly hard at our direction and whose effort allows us to fiercely advocate for our clients, at Thomas & Thomas Law it is a captain whose hand is on the wheel from the time a claim is filed, whose heart is open to the concerns of the client, and whose judgment and experience guides the case toward resolution.


How Can a Blending of the Law and Health Science Place You One Step Ahead?

what makes our law firm different

Coming from a background in Physical Therapy, J. Aaron Thomas’ health science background makes him a fierce client and patient advocate, quickly grasping the serious nature of workers’ compensation and disability cases. A masters’ level of education in health science further allows J. Aaron Thomas to blend the practice of law and rehabilitative medicine, allowing him in many circumstances to immediately recognize the medical and legal implications in your case.

In a case at law, timing is everything, and rapidly recognizing the interplay between legal and medical issues can place you one step a head of those opposed to your claim(s). In sum, retaining J. Aaron Thomas to represent you provides the advantage of an attorney who understands the nature of your injury, how you have suffered, and the course necessary to prevail on your case.