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Virginia Workers Comp Attorney J. Aaron Thomas is both - a licensed Physical Therapist and an attorney licensed with the State of Virginia. A graduate of Old Dominion University, he has been a physical therapist since 2000.

As an attorney, he is a graduate of Liberty University and has devoted the vast majority of his practice to the field of VA Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability.

Through his efforts, he has recovered millions of dollars in combined settlements for his workers' compensation clients since 2013. He has been successful at the hearing level and has overturned unfavorable claimant decisions at the Full Commission.

In the practice of Social Security, he has represented clients at the initial levels, at the hearing level and in the Federal Court. He has also met with Congressional representatives on Capitol Hill concerning needed reforms in the Social Security Administration.

He continues the good fight representing clients before both, state and federal administrative agencies and to work with a firm that shares his philosophy in representing clients - always placing them first.

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