Radford Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The Thomas & Thomas Law Firm has served the Radford, Virginia area with competent and compassionate Virginia Worker's Compensation legal services since 2009. Our Radford workers comp attorneys specialize in protecting our clients from financial burden by helping them to get their Virginia Workman's Compensation claims through the system quickly. We have helped numerous Radford area residents with successfully settling their Worker's Comp claims.

Free Worker's Comp Case Consultation

If you are interested in discussing your work injury with our Worker's Comp attorney, please start the process by filling out and submit our VA Workers’ Compensation Consultation Form. Immediately call our office after submitting at 540-613-8616 to review your form and discuss your case. If calling after 6PM, you will be called back the following business day morning.

radford virginia workers compensation attorney

Our Process

For those in the Radford, Virginia area interested in finding a competent Virginia Worker's Comp attorney to represent them, we will meet in person with the injured worker at their convenience or consult over the phone to gain an understanding of the injury and accident and how we are able to assist them.

We will then go about filing the initial claim before the Workers’ Compensation Commission serving the Radford Virginia region diligently working toward obtaining an injured worker the benefits they are entitled to receive in a timely manner. Filing of the initial claim is what initiates the beginning of having of that accident and injury recognized by the Workers’ Compensation Commission and prevents the statute of limitations from running out. Once a claim has been filed, we also fight to protect the rights of an injured worker throughout the life of their claims before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Payment Options

One of the primary questions many injured workers have for us is, “how does Thomas & Thomas get paid?”

Many injured workers are concerned that they will not able to pay the legal expenses of their representation. The good news is that Workers’ Compensation is contingency work. This means that there are no legal fees to pay unless Thomas & Thomas prevails. Should Thomas & Thomas be successful in prevailing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Commission itself will award an attorney’s fee based upon what is reasonable for the services provided. Normally, this attorney’s fee is paid out of past due benefits owed to the injured worker. If there are no past due benefits, however, it is the practice of Thomas & Thomas to give to the injured worker the option of either paying the awarded attorney’s fee out of pocket or to simply place it on a client’s “tab,” which can then be re-paid at such a time that their case settles.


Frequently Asked Questions