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Worker's Compensation

Thomas & Thomas Law is experienced with handling Worker's Compensation Cases in the Roanoke - Bedford, VA region.

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  Worker's Compensation Benefits

The Purpose of Worker's Compensation
Worker’s Compensation Benefits are obtained by employees because of injury or an incapacitating medical condition related to the employee’s job performance.  An employee is anyone compensated monetarily for job performance.

Benefits are meant to provide employees with living expenses and medical treatment needed to recover from a work related injury or medical condition. These may include compensation for lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, medical help, or other needed benefits.

Worker’s Compensation claims must be filed within two years from the date of the injury or the discovery of the disease.  For a disease, a claim must be filed within five years of the employee’s last employment with the company.

What Constitutes a Worker's Comp Claim?
There must be a connection between the work performed and the type of injury or medical condition experienced to prove that the work performed is the source of the injury or medical condition.

The activity causing the injury or medical condition must be directly related to the employee’s job description and required of the employee to perform his or her job. Worker’s Compensation does not cover activities outside the capacity of one’s job performance, and is only applicable to employers who have three or more employees.

An employee can request a hearing at the Worker’s Compensation Commission if his or her claim is denied by the employer.



A hearing will only take place if the employer and employee do not come to an agreement regarding the compensation fairly deserved. The compensation received is tax free.

The employer may provide a list of approved physicians from which the employee can choose to be compensated for expenses. Physicians outside of this list, or those not approved by the employer, may not allow for the employee to be compensated for medical expenses.

The allowable fees an attorney can collect after a successful claim is determined by the Worker’s Compensation Commission.

How We Help Our Clients

Thomas & Thomas Law can help you with your Worker’s Compensation claim by:

  • Increasing the likelihood of obtaining needed benefits
  • Communicating with the workman’s compensation insurer in your best interest
  • Collecting and developing evidence to support your claim
  • Negotiating an adequate and reasonable settlement
  • Providing excellent representation at your hearing
  • Advising you about third party claims or other potential benefits

Remember, attorney’s and claims adjusters for the insurance company are concerned for their own best interest…not yours! Let us help you secure the benefits you deserve and need!

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